Wow! Your fabled tail, your lustrous bustling bushy tail,
it struts the questions – am I fabulous, am I fantastic?
Are you hell? Now I’m in thrall

to that pelt, the scrumptious sweep of your back, the swell
of your russet chest rising up to that strong neck,
those long yellow teeth, those gold sleepy eyes,

neat feet, fleetfooted, hold on… I can’t wait!
I’m in hock to the shock of that dark musky scent,
sexy and bosky, promising

plenty: I’m disarmed by your sangfroid,
your je ne sais quoi. One flickering look, one
flare of white and I’m snared somehow;

hooked by that smell, that tail, those tawny
charms, I’ll be your flame, vixen, doxy…oh