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My Story

These bits can tend to be either ‘braggy’, boring or a mixture of both. So I’ll try to keep it short, as befits someone of my stature. 

I am a Welsh-born writer. I studied English with American Studies at Sussex University, qualified both as a teacher of Speech and Drama and of EFL and taught privately, and at secondary and further education levels. Teaching has formed just a small percentage of my working life. I’ve run several businesses jointly with my husband, particularly enjoying selling, thinking on the hoof and customer interaction.

I left Pembrokeshire for Berkshire in childhood. Other moves included Bristol, Bath, London and Brighton. I returned to Wales with my family in 2007 to set up a rural eco wedding venue on a small organic farm. I write poetry, prose and children’s fiction. I’ve been published widely in anthologies, in ezines, in magazines and on websites: have read in Wales, England and Ireland, and on the radio. Commissions have been filmed for ITV and I’ve written special pieces for a local theatre group and an art gallery. I regularly perform my work…which has been described as acutely observed, funny, serious and sad – easy reading with a steely core.

7 things you may not know about me:-

  1.  I was born in a small guest-house in Upper Frog Street, Tenby.
  2. I am proudly Welsh, British and European. I wish my new passport was red, not black.
  3. I admire wit and am passionate about etymology.
  4. I believe in freedom of speech and fairness.
  5. I hate cliques, cabals, cronyism and corruption.
  6. I am vegan (with a small ‘V’), love animals and am very concerned about the environment.
  7.  50 poems of mine were translated into Romanian in 2019/2020.

‘lively, skilful and perceptive – Simone hits the nail squarely on the head in areas so many poets  never even reach’

Phil Bowen

Other nice things people have written

These are finely observed poems, verses we can all identify with and enjoy.. poems to make you think. Well worth a read

 Phil Carradice

Simone Mansell Broome’s peotry is confident, fast-paced and eclectic. These exciting poems cover a wide range of topics: hen parties, Napalm,mosquitoes, and Cromwell, bubblewrap, Facebook, Google, cats, dogs, dementia, Michael Jackson,, Greece, childhood, the death of parents.

She is a prolific poet who observes life around her, and approaches subjects from an oblique angle to show us things we haven’t seen, She is concerned about how we live now, in the “justfornowplace”, and the people from her past and present who are her landscape.

 Sue Moules

A rich and varied collection, where hope abounds against a backdrop of the vagaries of life, childhood, the past, love, fear; the icons of modern life. Wales and the wider world provide an anthem for the internal world which travels to the reader in clear and direct language. Simone Mansell Broome’s collection is a timepiece of individual and collective narrative.

 Maggie Harris

These are lived-in, unblinkered poems of great insight, range and skill…. there’s real energy here matched by a dark laugh-out loud humour and above all – they’re readable.

 Phil Bowen