A memoir full of interesting, illuminating stories of family life, swinging from laughter to sadness, pathos to pleasure. There is a richness and depth to how everyday occurrences are told, with a wry and sympathetic eye for the nuances of human relationships and connections to each other. The ramifications of choices made and actions taken resound down generations, and the implications and consequences for everyone are deftly and vividly drawn.

“Like a literary tapas, this eclectic collection of bite-size stories, reminiscences and anecdotes is one to savour. Read them sequentially, chronologically, alphabetically, haphazardly… or just dive in anywhere you fancy. You’re sure to find something that stirs memories, disturbs, or simply delights.

You’ll nod knowingly and smile often. These are very personal stories but ultimately their truths are universal. All linked by a word beginning with f: some are fanciful, fantastic, frivolous; some fascinating, some funny; but, all in all, a fabulous read.”

Derek Webb, author, playwright, poet