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Simone Mansell Broome

One good thing about the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 is that Simone has reclaimed much more of her time for writing from her life on the family’s small organic farm, (where guests came pre-pandemic to glamp, camp, attend workshops, eat great food and, sometimes, get married).

This last year she has written more poetry, been involved in a collaboration with an M.A. student at the University of Bucharest on the translation of 50 of Simone’s earlier poems, written commissioned pieces for ITV Sport and written a blog about life in West Wales during the pandemic – which she has just turned into an ebook, ‘A Year of Going Nowhere’.

She has also published another ebook, a compilation of some of her performance poetry, ‘Getting Off Lightly’ and finally written her first children’s book ‘Valletta and the Year of Changes’

latest ebook By Simone Mansell broome

Valletta and the Year of Changes

For Valletta Stowaway, (a fiery busy little mouse who speaks her mind), its an extremely dangerous and difficult year.

But surprisingly, extraordinary and good things happen too… 

Simone’s first childrens book – the adventures of the Stowaway mouse family and their lives during lockdown.

‘Valletta and the Year of Changes’ by Simone Mansell Broome is a chapter book with beautiful illustrations that follows a fiery little mouse called Valletta Stowaway and her family. The first thing that struck me was the lovely illustrations by Cerys Susannah Rees, on the cover and of the family tree. I think that young readers will find them enchanting.

The story flows well, we see the Stowaway clan have to come to terms with the lockdown, as the humans do above the floorboards of 46 Spring Blossom Road. Focusing on positivity, kindness and family support this book covers a lot of the feelings I’m sure lots of young readers would have been feeling during the initial stages of lockdown, from a lack of certainty to cabin fever and frustration about not being able to go on holiday. I like the Stowaway song that’s repeated throughout the story and I could see younger readers joining in with it throughout.

A very relevant picture book to the events of the past 18 months or so but with larger messages about family support and community. With entertaining characters and lovely illustrations, I see this book having a wide appeal.’

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Other Books

Getting Off Lightly

A collection of 17 performance poems which are meant to be read aloud. Two have been published in Simone’s earlier books. Several have darker themes, but humour is a thread linking many of them.

Cardiff Bay Lunch

Full length collection of Poems

“these are lived-in, unblinkered poems of great insight, range and skill… there’s real energy here matched by a dark laugh-out loud humour and above all – they’re readable”

Juice of the Lemon

Poems of Earth : Air : Water

“These are finely observed poems, verses we can all identify with and enjoy… poems to make you think and laugh”

A Year of Going Nowhere

Thoughts and Poems from locked down West Wales

A Year of Going Nowhere is a series of journal entries, prose and poems, about the life of a woman and her family in lockdown on a small farm in West Wales. There is pathos and quiet humour against the backdrop of the pandemic.


   ..she observes life around her, and approaches subjects from an oblique angle to show us things we havent seen. She is concerned about how we live now, in the ‘justfornowplace’, and the people from her past and present who are her landscape

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New Childrens book

Valletta and the year of changes

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Book reading of A year of Going Nowhere

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Valletta and the Year of Changes

Fiction for young children

The first story of the Stowaway family of mice in lockdown.

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Have started, as of yesterday, enquiring locally who would be interested in stocking my little book, 'Valletta and the Year of Changes'. I can see that this is going to be a time-consuming process, but I'm up for it! Obviously the book will be available, (and already...

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'For Valletta Stowaway, (a fiery, busy little mouse who squeaks her mind), it’s an extremely dangerous and difficult year. But, surprisingly, extraordinary and good things happen too...’ This is from the back cover of 'Valletta and the Year of Changes'. I don't have...

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New writing directions

New writing directions

Dear Reader - I've decided to put all the posts together from my lockdown blog and start a new writing website now that I have had more time. The title of the ebook is 'A Year of Going Nowhere' and it will be published on 26th March 2021. Simone...

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